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My first Gumroad tutorial series is now available here  Edit: I have reduced the price to £5 bringing it in line with my Patreon tutorial costs.

You can see the Introduction video here for an overview:

It is aimed at beginners and intermediate artists primarily.

Containing over 6 hours of video content and my brush set which contains over 150 brushes.

Part One covers a quick start guide to Photoshop, Part Two is a demonstration painting, and Part Three is focused on Design covering topics such as creating a design document, researching, thumb-nailing, portfolio and resume creation.

Hi Everyone,

I am currently available for commissions.

My portfolio can be seen here:

Please use the contact details provided for enquiries, or contact me on Linkedin:…

Payments can be done via Paypal or direct bank transfer if you are in the UK.

I charge 10% of the final agreed quote on delivery of the initial sketches, with the final amount to be paid on receipt of the final.

Please be clear with your needs when you contact me, so I can give an accurate quote, if you have an amount you want to pay in mind please say so, and ill see what I can do.